Alyson Indrunas Alyson Indrunas – 2018 NWeLearn Keynote Speaker

Alyson Indrunas is the Director of Teaching and Learning for Lumen Learning. She holds an M.A. in English Studies from Western Washington University and an M.Ed. from the Woodring College of Education. Her scholarly interests are in educational technology, professional development, Open Education, instructional design and leadership. Prior to her current position, she wore many hats in the Washington SBCTC system as an English Composition adjunct, instructional designer, and eLearning Director. She’s an advocate for adjuncts and her career transition was featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Vitae which she hopes inspires other contingent faculty. Her most recent publication is titled “The Answer is at Hand: Cell Phones as Transitional Technology” in Using Classroom Response Systems. When she’s not traveling to speak about Open Education, she volunteers to help get more girls and women into mountain bike and cyclocross racing with her team, The Queens of Dirt. She lives with her husband in the city of subdued excitement Bellingham, Washington and blogs about it all.

Alyson Indrunas’ Contact Information

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